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利润重出江湖 q355nh耐候板钢企复产潮指日可待?
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Profits came back production of steel prices surge point the day and await for it?
New year to the steel industry has brought a new atmosphere. Futures Daily reporter learned that as we enter the new year's day, in the long run, the loss of iron and steel enterprises, re entered the long lost profit, which makes the domestic steel mills especially in East China's steel mills, "overjoyed".
According to the reporter, since entering in January, the domestic steel prices into a crazy pull up mode. Tangshan area billet prices, for example, during the new year's steel billet prices rose 80 yuan / ton.
In fact, the price rise of steel is gratifying. Data show that, compared with the low point in early December, cold rolled plate has risen 450 yuan / ton, hot rolled up 350 yuan / ton, rebar cumulative increase of 250 yuan / ton.
Senior researcher Qiuyue Cheng told futures Daily reporter, steel prices rebounded, mainly due to the loss of steel mills in the initial stage is too serious, resulting in a lot of steel production, steel market supply naturally reduce many.
Relevant monitoring data show that as of December 31, 2015, the country's 35 major market rebar inventory of about one to two tons, a decline of 2.49%; wire inventory of tons, a decline of 0.83%. In addition, from the wire, rebar, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, the total amount of the five varieties of stocks, the national comprehensive inventory of tons, a decline of 1.82%.
"The current market inventory has been at a new low since February 2009, the current steel industry chain to inventory has shown initial success, low inventory on the steel price upward to form a strong push." Qiu Yuecheng told reporters. In addition, due to the great leap forward at the end of railway investment, infrastructure increased, resulting in its demand for steel also has a stage of improvement.
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